Wherever your work is at, I can help make it better. I offer services across several different editing levels and degrees of detail.

Developmental: Developmental editing deals with the big picture or global concerns of structure and story. Does your story hang together and make sense at the global level? Does the story work? Are there plot holes? Does the reader care about your main character and her journey? Does your story meet readership expectations? Through my advice, you’ll better know your market; who they are, and what they expect.

Substantive: This kind of editing deals with the content of your work, both structurally at the chapter, scene and sentence level. This level includes line editing, which deals with the sentence and word-level content. A substantive edit can help with story issues and writing craft. Are your characters acting ‘in character’? Does the tension deflate at inopportune moments? Is your writing vibrant or flat? I can help you pinpoint the problems and where they occur.

Copyediting: is intended to make your work as clear, accurate and consistent as possible. Copy editing addresses word and sentence level issues in finer detail. A copy edit will cover, among other things, grammar and syntax, spelling, punctuation, clarity of expression and fact-checking.